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Top 6 Benefits to Adding a Parts eCommerce Sales Channel

Parts eCommerce can generate sales and gross profit for your dealership, of course. But is that the only benefit to opening a digital storefront for your parts department?

As it turns out, there are MANY reasons why selling auto parts online is such a great idea for dealerships. From eliminating obsolescence to increasing absorption rate, parts eCommerce can solve some of the everyday problems of the parts department.

Here are just 6 of the many ways your dealership could benefit from parts eCommerce:

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4 Simple Ways to Jumpstart your Account with a Marketing Agency

Marketing for your parts website is crucial for online success, whether you do it yourself or hire a marketing agency.

Most dealerships choose to work with an agency, so the parts employees can focus on selling parts without adding another thing to worry about. 

If you want to get the most out of your marketing agency, getting your account up and running as soon as possible is the first step! After all, the sooner your agency is set up, the sooner the ad campaigns can draw in customers.

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How to Write an About Us Page for your Parts Website in 4 Easy Steps

Want a trick that can improve your website’s visibility, boost customer confidence, and help built customer loyalty?

A solid “About Us” page.

Google and other search engines DO actually look at a website’s About Us page, and it can affect your website ranking. After all, the more unique content your website has, the better.

Outside the technical benefits for SEO, the “About Us” can also ease any worries your customers have about making a purchase. Follow these steps to make a fantastic About Us page for your parts website...

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5 Opportunities for Repeat Customers that your Parts Website is Missing

If you're not focusing on customer loyalty, you should be...

Listen to this: Engaged customers buy 90% more frequently... and spend 60% more per transaction! (source)

Once a shopper becomes a customer, they know who you are. They trust that you aren't a scammer, and that you'll give them the part they need. Tapping into that pool of past customers can be a great way to build more sales.

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The Google Resource Masterlist for Parts Managers

Baffled by all this Google talk online?

If you often find yourself scratching your head at terms like "PPC" or "SEO" or "search campaigns versus shopping campaigns," then this resource list is for you.

In this article, we break down the definitions for common Google terminology, the best (free!) Google tools to boost your parts eCommerce website, and top resources for using and improving on those Google tools.

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4 Exciting Career Benefits that Parts Managers can Reap from Parts eCommerce

Some parts departments have grown so much on parts eCommerce that they have dedicated Internet Parts Managers to handle everything. But for other dealerships, the normal Parts Manager has to handle the online orders on top of their normal duties.

A parts eCommerce store does add some extra effort. Seeing all the extra orders and sales come in can be so exciting for the parts department, but it also adds an extra daily task.

So sometimes, Parts Managers ask what’s in it for them. They’re busy enough as it is, so why should they bother adding on a parts eCommerce website? We have FOUR reasons why...

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[Interview] Page Auto Group switches to RevolutionParts for increased profitability

In this interview, we spoke with Matt Sturtz, the Internet Manager for Page Auto Group.

The Page Auto team originally sold auto parts online with RevolutionParts, but switched to SimplePart in 2014. In 2017, they switched back to RevolutionParts. We asked Matt about his experience with both platforms.


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6 Automotive Industry Trends that we can Expect More of in the Future

What’s the future for the automotive industry?

As the internet takes over and Millennials start entering the automotive industry, things will never be the same. Expectations are changing and unless your dealership pays attention to the changing times, you’ll be left in the dust. 

Part of this applies to selling online and trying your hand at eCommerce, but even in the brick and mortar dealership, the automotive landscape is changing.

Here’s a few of the things you can expect to see in the near future...


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The 3 Key Similarities and Differences between Online and In-Store Auto Parts Shoppers

The online market—especially the automotive online market—is different than the one in your brick and mortar dealership. Although there are certainly some similarities, you’ll lose sales if you treat an online customer exactly the same as someone who walks through your front door.

Online shoppers have different wants and needs that the customers you’re used to dealing with at your dealership. There’s a reason they’re shopping online rather than in-store, after all.

Once you’re tuned into these key differences, you can cater to their desires, foster brand loyalty, and increase revenue. So let’s get started!


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Top 8 FAQs Dealerships Ask Us about Parts eCommerce

We get it: Parts eCommerce is that new kid on the block that most dealerships just don’t understand yet. It's a strange, uncharted land, and with so many misconceptions about what it actually takes to make a profit selling parts & accessories online, many dealerships have pushed it to the side.

But selling car parts online is a huge opportunity for dealerships, and it’s only growing. Dealers are generating hundreds of thousands in sales each year by selling parts & accessories online.

So what exactly IS parts eCommerce? What does it cost? And can you succeed online, even if you're not a techie person?

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