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4 Last-Minute Tips to Sell More Auto Parts on Cyber Monday

Preparing your parts website for cyber monday Cyber Monday is less than a week away! Is your dealership ready?

If you haven’t had a chance to put together your plan, don’t worry. There’s still time to prepare a Cyber Monday promotion and start the holiday season strong.

If you’ve already planned everything out, then great—you can sit back to watch the sales. There are still a few more ways you can promote your parts sales before the big day, though. Read on…

1. Keep the sale simple.

Taking the time to promote your fast-selling parts or seasonal parts and really pushing for those sales on Cyber Monday is bound to be an effective strategy, but not everyone has time to sort that out.

If you’re too busy to plan out some complicated promotion plan, that’s okay. Your customers like sales that are straightforward and easy to understand, too.

How? Give customers a simple 10% off their order.

Creating a coupon code that applies globally to your entire inventory takes out the guesswork. Customers don’t need to sift through your parts to find the ones that are on sale. Plus, it saves you time since you don’t need to manually set those specific sales.

It only takes a few clicks to set up a custom promo coupon code in RevolutionParts. It’s one of many cool RevolutionParts features that can really get customers excited about your offers. Don’t miss the chance!


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2. Post your coupon code to a deal aggregator site

After you create a promo code, you can share it on deal aggregator sites like Retailmenot, PromosPro, and Honey. Smart shoppers will be browsing these websites for coupons and can find your parts website that way.

For RetailMeNot, you don’t even have to create an account in order to submit coupon codes. Filling out the form should only take a minute or two. Click here to submit a coupon now!

And don’t think this trick is limited to Cyber Monday—use it to promote your sales year-round! You can create a “store” in PromoPro and Honey so you have a place to consistently post promo codes throughout the year.


3. Post your deals to forums

There are a few forums specifically created to help people find sales on the items they want. Just make sure to follow the forum posting rules and basic forum etiquette, otherwise your post will just be deleted.

Here are two options:

Similarly, you can post notifications about your sales in Facebook Groups or eBay Groups, which are two additional forum-like locations to reach buyers and sell more auto parts.


4. Make a commitment to quick order fulfillment.

The sooner you ship orders out, the better. You may get an increase in sales on Cyber Monday that you’re not used to, and you shouldn’t let those orders stack up!

Shipping will already be slower due to the holiday season and the influx of packages that shipping carriers have to handle. Don’t make the problem worse by waiting a few days to fulfill the order.

On the Friday before Thanksgiving weekend, prep your shipping station for Cyber Monday. Make sure you’re stocked on tape, packing material, and boxes. If you have to manually unfold boxes, spend some time on Friday to prepare those boxes and save yourself time on Monday.

If your shipping staff is already tight enough as it is, consider scheduling an additional employee to work a half day on Cyber Monday. This will give you the manpower you need to get those shipments out the door as soon as possible.

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Participation in Cyber Monday is growing every year, and it’s a fantastic opportunity for your parts website. By running a Cyber Monday sale now and learning the ropes, you’ll only get better at it in future years. Good luck!

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