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Enabling One-Click Shipping

Shipping can be one of the biggest hassles when running an online business. Different rates, different carriers, different rules, can mean one big headache. Which is why we're making it easier to process orders through our partnership with ShipRush.

Using ShipRush you'll be able to print shipping labels directly from the order detail page, complete the order, and e-mail the customer their tracking number -- all with one click!

Here's how to get started:

1. Enable ShipRush

Launch your RevolutionParts admin and head to the Shipping Management section and click on the "Shipping Manager" tab. Before you enable the One-Click Shipping, copy the license key so that we can use it during installation, then select "ShipRush" from the "Active Shipping Manager" drop-down and hit Save Changes.

2. Install ShipRush

Head over to the ShipRush website and download one program per carrier you use. There are different clients for UPS, USPS, and Fedex so if you ship with more than one you will have to download and install each one.

NOTE: For Fedex, download "ShipRush for Fedex" and NOT "FREE: ShipRush for Fedex - eCommerce".

Once the download has finished, run the installer. You'll be prompted automatically for a few different pieces of information:

  • (Optional, if prompted) Whether ShipRush is in a multi-user or single-user environment. Select single-user.
  • Your shipper account and shipper information (such as ship from address, etc.)
  • Make sure to select "No - Not shipping from ecommerce" if prompted.
  • Your printer type and name. This is for printing shipping labels. (If you use a thermal label printer, please see the documentation on the subject.)

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If you use more than one carrier, repeat the steps above with the next installer.

3. Try It Out!

Log into your RevolutionParts back office and head to the orders section. Click on an open order and you'll notice in the upper right hand corner, there's a new set of links:

Click on Print Shipping Label! to print the label automatically or click Open Shipping Manager to open the order in the shipping manager. We recommend that you open the shipping manager in most cases because you need to adjust the exact packaged shipping weight of the order.

Once you click Print Shipping Label from this page, the status of the order will change to "Completed" and automatically emails your customer their tracking number. You must refresh the web page after your print the label if you want to see the change on the order details page in RevolutionParts.


And that's it! Get shipping! And as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at support@revolutionparts.com or (480) 779-PART.

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