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Getting started with SupportFu

Currently, most email support involves setting up an email address such as "support@myautoparts.com" or "service@myautoparts.com" for customers to reach out to with issues. We've found that while it's beneficial to the customers as having someplace to contact (especially after hours, or if you don't offer phone support), it's incredibly hard to manage when your parts department is more than one person. Problems arise with who was responsible for what ticket, or keeping track of what was responded to and what needs to be.

To solve these issues we've partnered with a company called SupportFu to offer a new way of managing your customer support. With SupportFu, you can see what needs to be taken care of, what's been done so far, and what was sent back to the customer, and delegate it all out!

Best of all, the customer only see's one email conversation, even if different members of your team were involved!

Here's how to setup SupportFu for your site.

1. Enable SupportFu

Through our partnership with SupportFu, your first account is on us! We recommend the SupportFu Administrator to be whoever need's the most control, or will spend the most time in SupportFu managing Customer inquiries. To setup your administrator,

  1. Log into your RevolutionParts admin.
  2. Browse your administrators and select the site administrator you want to set up as SupportFu with (this user will also the SupportFu administrator).
  3. Head to the SupportFu Integration section and change the drop-down box from "Disable" to "Enable" and check the box labeled "Make SupportFu Admin".

We've provided an example of what your settings should look like below.

Enable Support Fu

Save the changes, and we'll begin the automatic setup of your integrated SupportFu account.

2. Turn off manual customer inquiries (Recommended)

Currently, all customer inquiry emails are being routed to all administrators with "Receive customer inquiries" enabled. Once your comfortable with SupportFu, we recommend turing this feature off for anyone that will be using in the new customer support area. If you have a user that wants to still receive customer inquiries outside of SupportFu, leave the box checked.

Note: Reply's sent from users who are still receiving customer inquiries outside of SupportFu, will not show up in SupportFu


3. Setup Users

All team members that will be working in SupportFu will need an account within the RevolutionParts admin. To add them to SupportFu, simply change the "Need SupportFu Access" drop down to "Enable" and leave the "Make SupportFu admin" box unchecked. Save change's to the user, and they'll be setup as well.

4. Check your email

The first email you'll receive will be the welcome email from SupportFu giving you a general walkthrough and some setup steps. You won't be able to access SupportFu until you receive the second email from us with your SupportFu login page, username and password. As with all temporary password's please change it to something secure and rememberable as soon as possible! You can safely ignore the step in SupportFu's email asking you to Forward Your Email, we've already taken care of that for you.

Once you've received our email, log in and get to servicing those customers! SupportFu is a great way to engage your customers through support without having to ever give them a ticket number, or call in. Best of all, they only have to deal with one email address and worry about one email.

Be sure to check out SupportFu.com for more tips on how to make the most of your new customer service manager, including setting up standard signatures for the entire department, delegating tasks, and making internal notes!

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us (through SupportFu, but you'll never see it!) at support@revolutionparts.com, or give us a call at (480) 779-PART.

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