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Increased Fuel Surcharges for FedEx and UPS

Gas Prices

On November 2nd, both FedEx and UPS bumped up their fuel surcharge for ground shipments. It’s not much—the changes range from .5% to 1.75% increases—but it’s enough to make an impact on your online parts store this coming holiday season.

Here are the new rates:

  • FedEx Ground: 4.25 percent (vs. 3.5 percent)
  • FedEx Express: 2.75 percent (vs. 1 percent )
  • UPS Ground: 5.25 percent (vs. 4.75 percent )
  • UPS Air and International: 4.5 percent (vs. 3 percent )

The surcharge will end up adding a few cents to your overall shipping price. A $50 FedEx Ground shipment, for example, will now have a final surcharge plus shipping price at $52.13 (compared to the previous rate at $51.75).

Luckily for RevolutionParts’ customers, our platform provides accurate shipping estimates based on a real-time integration with FedEx and UPS that uses the most current rates for shipping calculations. This ensures shipping charges are up to date on the catalog so dealers don’t eat the cost of the increased surcharges. It's just one of the benefits of choosing RevolutionParts as your parts eCommerce solution!

Less than a dollar doesn’t seem like much, but considering how many more packages you’ll be shipping during the holidays, it can quickly add up—especially for larger, heavier parts which already boast a hefty shipping fee.

It’s just another thing to keep in mind when you’re looking for the best shipping value for you and your customers. Remember: USPS doesn’t have fuel surcharges, which can make them a good alternative.

Companies like FedEx and UPS adjust their fuel surcharges based on average fuel prices two months before, which explains why they’ve upped the charge despite the steadily decreasing fuel and oil rates. This means that even though we’re paying a little extra now, the prices should drop again in the months to come!

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