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How to Build a Powerful Pricing Table for your Parts Website in 5 Simple Steps

You’ve heard it a hundred times: the prices you set at the parts counter simply won’t work as well online. It’s a different market, meaning you have to play by a different set of rules.

Most parts managers set a flat percentage margin for their parts, but it’s not an effective way to do things. The flat percentage makes your high-priced items way too expensive, and your small, cheap parts way too cheap. When your price is too high, customers can find somewhere else to buy. When your price is too low, you make a lot of sales, but you lose money on them.

The solution: a pricing table.

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The Step-by-Step Guide to Capitalizing on Cyber Monday with your Parts Website

We all know about Black Friday… but how much have you prepared for Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is the internet version of Black Friday, and a day of super sales in the digital world. As online shopping continues to grow, more and more people are looking to Cyber Monday to find deals on their favorite websites.

Don’t miss this chance to boost your online parts business!

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5 Types of Coupon that will Drive Sales to your Parts Website

So you probably know how great promotions can be for your dealership. They're a fantastic way to excite your customers and bring in new and return shoppers, which is worth it in the long run—even if the 10% discount you offer narrows your profit margins in the beginning.

Promotions that customers can only access with a coupon/promo code adds a special excitement to the shopping experience. An infographic by VoucherCloud really puts the power of coupons in perspective. In 2013, 92% of consumers reported using a coupon, and 91% of those coupon redeemers say they will visit the retailer again after being offered a coupon.

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How to Ship Hazmat Auto Parts in 4 Easy Steps

Certain car parts, such as batteries, airbags, and seatbelt pre-tensioners need to be shipped with special care in order to ensure that they arrive safely—they require something called “hazmat shipping.”

Hazmat shipping is not something your dealership should take lightly. If you fail to meet hazmat standards, you could face serious financial and legal risks, not to mention putting someone’s health at stake. It’s your responsibility to inform your customers and ship these items properly.

That said, it’s no surprise that many dealerships choose to avoid selling these parts online completely to avoid extra complication. However, there are customers looking to buy these parts online, so it’s still an opportunity for sales if your Parts Department doesn’t mind dealing with an extra step.

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How to Run an Amazing (and Effective) Contest or Sweepstakes on your Parts Website

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: customers LOVE sales and free stuff. So it makes sense that running a contest or sweepstakes is a great marketing trick to draw in shoppers.

It’s not incredibly difficult, and the payoff can be massive. If you want to expand the reach of your brand, draw in sales, and build customer loyalty, then perhaps it’s time to try your hand at running a contest or sweepstakes on your parts website.

If you’ve never done it before, don’t worry—that’s what we’re here for. We’ll walk you through the steps of figuring out if a contest or sweepstakes event is right for you, how to set one up, and the best ideas to draw in the most customers.

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6 Mistakes with Handling Returns that are Eating into your Profit Margins

As annoying as it is, returns are one of those things you can’t avoid. Whether the customer ordered the wrong auto part by accident or just doesn’t need it anymore, these things happen and you need to have a system in place when it does.

The process itself seems straightforward: when a customer issues a return, have them send back the part and then process the refund.

Except the return process can get more in-depth than that, and when you play things right, it doesn’t have to hurt your company. Returns don’t have to incur major losses, and you can actually use them as an opportunity to gain yourself loyal customers.

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5 Smart Strategies for Building Customer Trust on your Parts Website

In any business, building trust with your customers is essential—especially when it comes to online shopping. When they can’t see you face to face, customers are going to hesitate to part with their money. The risk that they’re about to buy into a scam is much higher.

So what do you do to show them you’re trustworthy? It’s easier than you’d think. With a few adjustments to your parts website, customers will have no reason to doubt you.

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7 Pricing Mistakes that are Hurting your Parts eCommerce Store

Here’s a simple truth about selling auto parts online: it’s a different market than what you’re used to in-store. Brick and mortar selling techniques are great for, you know, in-store sales, but when it comes to auto parts eCommerce, you need to tweak your strategy.

Online shoppers are just plain different that then people who come to your parts counter. If you’re running your eCommerce parts store the same way as your dealership parts store, you’re probably losing a lot of money. A lot of parts managers make these pricing mistakes, and it’s costing them big time.

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How to Handle Bad Customer Reviews in 6 Easy Steps

Bad reviews happen. Whether your customer has a serious problem or they’re just having a bad day, there are a lot of reasons why they might decide to write a negative review for you on Yelp, Amazon, eBay, or somewhere else.

Ignoring the review isn’t a good idea, and removing the review is even worse. Rather than see them as a bother, negative customer reviews can actually be a great way to turn around and improve your business for the better.

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4 Must-Have Elements of a Promotional Email That Actually Drives Sales

So you've been building your email list (hopefully), but how do you make the most out of this list and actually squeeze sales out of it? Here is a quick rundown of what ingredients you need for a successful promo email that will reengage past customers to buy again. 

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