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The 4 Must-Have Ingredients for a Killer eCommerce Marketing Plan


 If you haven’t already set up a marketing plan for your auto parts eCommerce store, it’s never too late to start. You’ll be amazed how much traffic you can drive to your website when you set some goals and stick to your schedule!  

But with so much marketing potential out there, where do you start? Have no fear: we’ve broken down eCommerce marketing into 4 key areas where you will want to focus in order to push your online parts store to new heights. 

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How to Create and Manage Administrators

This tutorial covers how to create and manage administrators in your RevolutionParts store. It's important to setup your staff each with their own logins. For security purposes, our system will kick users out of the admin panel should two users attempt to login in simultaneously. Additionally, you can manage and ensure admins have the right sets of privileges.

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How to find a Great Domain Name

For 90% of the projects we take on, a domain is already part of the equation. However, sometimes we get called on to help find a domain name. Below, I've listed 7 golden rules that I find indispensable to select a great domain name.

1. Brainstorm 5 Top Keywords

When you first start to search for a domain name, it helps to have 5 terms or phrases in mind. Obvious categories may be keywords for:

  1. Brand
  2. Top searched phrases
  3. The type of parts you will be selling e.g., Mopar

Google recently made an update to the industry favored Google keyword and replaced it with keyword planner. Keyword planner is still a great tool for running some analysis on keyword phrases which we will discuss in greater detail in a future post.

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Enabling One-Click Shipping

Shipping can be one of the biggest hassles when running an online business. Different rates, different carriers, different rules, can mean one big headache. Which is why we're making it easier to process orders through our partnership with ShipRush.

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Getting started with SupportFu

Currently, most email support involves setting up an email address such as "support@myautoparts.com" or "service@myautoparts.com" for customers to reach out to with issues. We've found that while it's beneficial to the customers as having someplace to contact (especially after hours, or if you don't offer phone support), it's incredibly hard to manage when your parts department is more than one person. Problems arise with who was responsible for what ticket, or keeping track of what was responded to and what needs to be.

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Managing Gift Certificates

Quite a few of the questions we’ve been hearing lately have dealt with gift certificates; how to set them up for purchase, and also how to manage them once the customer has received them. Luckily our shopping cart has the ability to manage both of these aspects seamlessly.

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