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[Interview] Page Auto Group switches to RevolutionParts for increased profitability

In this interview, we spoke with Matt Sturtz, the Internet Manager for Page Auto Group.

The Page Auto team originally sold auto parts online with RevolutionParts, but switched to SimplePart in 2014. In 2017, they switched back to RevolutionParts. We asked Matt about his experience with both platforms.


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8 Extremely Useful RevolutionParts Features You Might Not Even Know About

The best parts eCommerce platform is more than just an OEM catalog and a basic storefront for selling parts online. In order to aggressively grow your parts business and maximize your online profit, you need to partner with a solution that can offer robust back end tools. Tools that make selling parts online easy, efficient, and profitable.

There are a TON of powerful features built into the RevolutionParts platform—and a lot of our dealers don't even know about them. Are you taking full advantage of some of our most useful tools?


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Updating OEM Part Information

Even though we make every reasonable attempt to ensure the accuracy of our catalog, there may be a need to update OEM part information. We've made it easier to do so. You can also now view the information that is in the catalog about specific parts and override and change any of these attributes. Want to update the name and/or descriptions of specific parts to help differentiate your site online? You can use this feature to do so too. Here is how:

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Enabling One-Click Shipping

Shipping can be one of the biggest hassles when running an online business. Different rates, different carriers, different rules, can mean one big headache. Which is why we're making it easier to process orders through our partnership with ShipRush.

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