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Top 6 Benefits to Adding a Parts eCommerce Sales Channel

Parts eCommerce can generate sales and gross profit for your dealership, of course. But is that the only benefit to opening a digital storefront for your parts department?

As it turns out, there are MANY reasons why selling auto parts online is such a great idea for dealerships. From eliminating obsolescence to increasing absorption rate, parts eCommerce can solve some of the everyday problems of the parts department.

Here are just 6 of the many ways your dealership could benefit from parts eCommerce:

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4 Exciting Career Benefits that Parts Managers can Reap from Parts eCommerce

Some parts departments have grown so much on parts eCommerce that they have dedicated Internet Parts Managers to handle everything. But for other dealerships, the normal Parts Manager has to handle the online orders on top of their normal duties.

A parts eCommerce store does add some extra effort. Seeing all the extra orders and sales come in can be so exciting for the parts department, but it also adds an extra daily task.

So sometimes, Parts Managers ask what’s in it for them. They’re busy enough as it is, so why should they bother adding on a parts eCommerce website? We have FOUR reasons why...

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[Interview] Page Auto Group switches to RevolutionParts for increased profitability

In this interview, we spoke with Matt Sturtz, the Internet Manager for Page Auto Group.

The Page Auto team originally sold auto parts online with RevolutionParts, but switched to SimplePart in 2014. In 2017, they switched back to RevolutionParts. We asked Matt about his experience with both platforms.


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6 Automotive Industry Trends that we can Expect More of in the Future

What’s the future for the automotive industry?

As the internet takes over and Millennials start entering the automotive industry, things will never be the same. Expectations are changing and unless your dealership pays attention to the changing times, you’ll be left in the dust. 

Part of this applies to selling online and trying your hand at eCommerce, but even in the brick and mortar dealership, the automotive landscape is changing.

Here’s a few of the things you can expect to see in the near future...


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How to Ship More Auto Parts with Less Staff

We understand the struggle. When you’ve only got a handful of guys in your parts department, how do you deal with all the details of eCommerce—namely, shipping?

But shipping doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process, and you definitely don’t have to hire new staff to deal with it. Once your eCommerce parts store takes off, then you might need another set of hands, but you might be surprised how efficient you can be with the people you already have.


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Two Experts' Predictions for the Future of Automotive eCommerce

Looking forward in 2016 and beyond, where can we expect the future of parts & accessories eCommerce to take us? What should you expect in the coming years, and where should you be looking to stay ahead of the curve?

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Top 3 stats from the 2015 Auto Parts eCommerce Industry Report


We all know the auto parts eCommerce market is booming, but just how much? Prospects are looking good, even though only a small portion of dealerships are selling online. The studies agree that there's no better time to sell auto parts online than right NOWbefore more people catch on to the crazy success.

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Top 3 Insights From the Latest UPS Auto Parts Buyer Study

The UPS study: What’s Driving the Automotive Parts Online Shopper is jam packed with insights on parts buyers, many of which might surprise you. If you want to succeed at selling parts online, it pays to know what automotive shoppers are looking for. Here are our top 3 insights we took away from the full study.

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5 Steps to Set More Efficient Parts and Service Hours of Operation

Here’s the truth: the standard 7 AM – 5 PM workweek with a half day Saturday might be losing you a lot of revenue. More importantly, setting extended hours of 7 AM until midnight probably isn’t the answer, either. Longer hours do not necessarily mean more profit. Whatever profit those late hours manage to pull in might not offset the labor costs involved in staying open.

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