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Top 3 stats from the 2015 Auto Parts eCommerce Industry Report


We all know the auto parts eCommerce market is booming, but just how much? Prospects are looking good, even though only a small portion of dealerships are selling online. The studies agree that there's no better time to sell auto parts online than right NOWbefore more people catch on to the crazy success.

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Top 3 Insights From the Latest UPS Auto Parts Buyer Study

The UPS study: What’s Driving the Automotive Parts Online Shopper is jam packed with insights on parts buyers, many of which might surprise you. If you want to succeed at selling parts online, it pays to know what automotive shoppers are looking for. Here are our top 3 insights we took away from the full study.

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5 Steps to Set More Efficient Parts and Service Hours of Operation

Here’s the truth: the standard 7 AM – 5 PM workweek with a half day Saturday might be losing you a lot of revenue. More importantly, setting extended hours of 7 AM until midnight probably isn’t the answer, either. Longer hours do not necessarily mean more profit. Whatever profit those late hours manage to pull in might not offset the labor costs involved in staying open.

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