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How to Increase Repeat Customers with a Packaging Insert

Here’s a familiar situation for you: A shopper finds your auto parts website, browses for a bit, and then purchases a part. Success! Time to package their order, ship it out, and never hear from that person again.

But after putting time into your parts website and spending marketing dollars to bring that customer in, are you really willing to let them go so easily?

In that moment when a shopper becomes a customer, the iron is hot, so to speak. That customer just reached out to you in a show of trust by buying a part, and as long as they had a positive experience, they’re more open to you and your brand.

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The 3-Point Guide to Creating the Perfect Shipping Policy

Shipping is one of the major differences between online and in-store purchases, and many of your shoppers will want to know the details before they complete their purchase.

Placing an easy-to-understand shipping policy on your website is an easy way to cut down on customer questions. A high-quality shipping policy has other benefits, too, like establishing rules with your customers that protect your margins in the long run.

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11 Creative Shipping Tricks that will WOW your Customers

Success! A customer visited your parts website, liked what they saw, and ended up making a purchase. You’ll soon fulfill their order, package it, and ship it out. All that’s left is to hope they’re happy enough to shop with you the next time they need to buy.

But will they even remember you or your brand? By adding a little flare to your packaging, you can remind customers about your parts website the moment their ordered part arrives on their doorstep.

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How to Ship More Auto Parts with Less Staff

We understand the struggle. When you’ve only got a handful of guys in your parts department, how do you deal with all the details of eCommerce—namely, shipping?

But shipping doesn’t have to be a long, drawn out process, and you definitely don’t have to hire new staff to deal with it. Once your eCommerce parts store takes off, then you might need another set of hands, but you might be surprised how efficient you can be with the people you already have.


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8 Tricks to Avoid Overpaying for Shipping

Other eCommerce industries have it easy when it comes to shipping, but not the parts department. There are so many heavy, oversized, odd-shaped, and hazardous auto parts to ship that it ends up one of the biggest expenses when selling online.

You certainly can’t eat that shipping charge yourself, since it will cut into your hard-earned profits. And you shouldn’t be overcharging your customers for shipping, either. If you could make shipping just overall cheaper, then everyone would win…

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How to Optimize your Parts Store with 9 Helpful Shipping Manager Reports

The internet makes it really easy to organize and track customer information, and if you know how to use that data, you can fine-tune your parts store into a lean, mean, profit machine and improve profit all around.

Most businesses use an analytics tool like the free Google Analytics, but there plenty more options out there for optimizing your business plan. If you already use shipping management software, then you probably have even more stats right at your fingertips that you might not be aware of.

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5 Ways a Shipping Manager can Make Your Life Easier

Managing orders, printing labels, generating tracking numbers… Running a parts store is challenging enough with all the time-consuming micromanagement of shipping—especially when you’re selling on multiple channels. If only there were services available that could save you time, money, and manpower when it came to managing all your shipments… 

 The good news: there is. Signing on with a shipping manager makes every step of the shipping process so much easier. With just a few clicks, a task that normally takes half an hour of your time can be easily cut down to less than 5 minutes. 

 The benefits don’t stop there. Below are 5 ways that using a shipping manager can make running your eCommerce business just a little bit easier. 

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Maximize Your Holiday Sales: 3 Ways You Can Profit from Free Shipping Day Next Week

Are you ready for Free Shipping Day this December 18th?

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Increased Fuel Surcharges for FedEx and UPS

On November 2nd, both FedEx and UPS bumped up their fuel surcharge for ground shipments. It’s not much—the changes range from .5% to 1.75% increases—but it’s enough to make an impact on your online parts store this coming holiday season.

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