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Updating OEM Part Information

Even though we make every reasonable attempt to ensure the accuracy of our catalog, there may be a need to update OEM part information. We've made it easier to do so. You can also now view the information that is in the catalog about specific parts and override and change any of these attributes. Want to update the name and/or descriptions of specific parts to help differentiate your site online? You can use this feature to do so too. Here is how:

1) In admin, either type "OEM Part Info" in the search box, or find it under "Helpful Tools" in the admin Home Page.

2) Once you're on the "OEM Part Info" page, select your manufacturer, type in your part number, and hit "Get OEM Part Information".

3) I've used GM Part #20809948 for this example, and here is what I got:

OEM Part Info

4) You can now override any of the part attributes, for example, the "Discontinued" attribute. If you change this to "True", it will now be discontinued so buyers will not be able to add it to their cart. Conversely, you may want to make it available even though our catalog has it marked discontinued.

NOTE: The last section has the Weights & Dimensions that we have for the part. If that is empty, please make an effort to fill it in. This will ensure that we will calculate accurate shipping quotes for this part during checkout.

Need to change attributes for many parts? You can do this using our "Bulk OEM Part Info Loader" feature. Here is how:

1) In Admin, type "Bulk OEM Part Info Loader" to find that page. You'll be presented with this page after selecting the first search result:

Bulk OEM Part Info Loader

2) Use Microsoft Excel or any other editor of choice to build a comma-separated-values file (CSV file). You will need at least two columns, the Part Number and a column for each attribute that you want to change.

For example, assuming your want to bulk update the Discontinued attribute on 10 parts. Your file would have has 2 columns, one for Part Number, and the second column for the Discontinued attribute. If you want to mark these parts as discontinued, you would use the value '1' for discontinued, or '0' for not discontinued.

3) Click on "Choose File", and select the file you just created.

4) You want to map each column to an attribute. In the example above, the attribute is Discontinued, so you would need to map the columns as shown below:

Bulk OEM Part Info Loader - Step 2

5) Once the columns have been mapped, you can click on "Update OEM Part Info" button, and will receive a confirmation.

Hope you will find this feature useful. As always, please send us an email to feedback@revolutionparts.com with any feedback or feature requests.

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